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Introduction on President

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        Mr. Ronald Michael Webb is the President of U-Fuel Group, Beijing U-Fuel New Technology Container Equipment Co., Ltd and Rongcheng Shidao U-Fuel Equipment Manufacturing Company. He owns many American Invention Patents concerning Fuel Storage and Dispense. He studied and invented the patents such as Aboveground Fuel Storage System, Portable Fueling Facility, Modular Aboveground Service Station and Method of Assembly and Marine Fuel Device etc.

Mr. Webb’s patent technology has innovated in the fuel supplying way of automobiles, ships and planes. In the 80’s of last Century, Mr. Webb established U-Fuel International Company and started building his own patent products. U-Fuel Fueling Systems have been widely used in U.S. coast guard lines, fuel stations and airports. In 1996 Olympics Games in Atlantic City of U.S.A, all the transportation means are fueled by the Fuel Systems of U-Fuel.


In the year of 2000, Mr. Webb established Beijing U-Fuel New Technology Container Equipment Co., Ltd in Beijing Economic & Technological Development Area. He brought his patent technology to China and started making Double Wall Fire and Explosion Resistant Portable Fuel Station. At present, Mr. Webb has obtained his Chinese invention patents, such as Vertical Fuel Station and its tanks manufacturing method.

U-Fuel Portable Fuel Systems own the characteristics of safety, environmental protection and mobility. This kind of portable fuel stations have changed the history of polluting the land and underground water due to the leakage of underground tanks in the traditional fuel stations. This kind of station has solved the difficulty of removing the underground tanks in the traditional fuel stations when the removal is needed. U-Fuel tanks are capable of enduring fire. The characteristics of being fire and explosion resistant are able to ensure the storage and shipment safety of hazardous liquid. This portable fuel station moves the storage tank from underground to aboveground. This change brings the portable feature to the fuel system.


U-Fuel’s double wall fire and explosion resistant fuel tanks and portable fuel stations are quite new products in the field of Petroleum Storage and Dispense in China. The relevant experts held a special seminar to discuss and study U-Fuel’s new technology products. U-Fuel Portable Fuel Station requires minimum land and minimum installment time and cost. This kind of station also owns the characteristics of safety and environmental protection. Its outstanding technology advantages are highly evaluated by the experts in the seminar. In the year of 2003, the industrial standard concerning this kind of station with aboveground tank SH/T3134-2002 <>was published. At present, National Norm GB50156-2002 (Edition 2006) <> has listed the portable fuel stations.


Mr. Webb has contributed a lot to the petroleum industry, storage industry and transportation industry by his hi-tech products. For the time being, Xinjiang Gas Convey From West to East Construction Site, Dalian Duty Free Area, Beijing Capital Airport, Tianjin Port, Beijing Bus Company and Huzhou Ore Mine etc. are using U-Fuel Portable Fuel Stations. U-Fuel Portable Fuel Stations will also service the automobiles of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Besides, with the development of ethanol gasoline industry, Mr. Webb is setting about bring his latest technology of ethanol gasoline station to China and contribute to the development of this new industry.

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