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Brief Introduction on Group

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U-Fuel Group is the pioneer in the industry of hazard liquid storage and dispense. It’s established in 1987. The headquarters of the Group is located in Elk Mound of Wisconsin. The main product of the Group is the equipment of hazard liquid storage and dispense. The President of U-Fuel Group, Mr. Ronald Michael Webb is the inventor and owner of all the U-Fuel patent technologies. He owns over ten sorts of American and Chinese invention patents.

U-Fuel’s products can be used either for automobile fuel stations, airport fuel stations, port fuel stations and enterprise self used fuel stations, or for the storage and shipment of hazard liquid. U-Fuel Portable Fuel Station is the mature American Patent technology products developed for nearly twenty years. Since U-Fuel products pay more attention to the safety and environmental protection, they are widely accepted and used by American Government and Society and own high prestige. U-Fuel Portable Fuel Systems were chosen by Olympic Games Committee of Atlantic in 1996 to provide fueling service to the transportation automobiles of the game. U-Fuel Group owns sub companies in America, China, Mexico, Argentina, Nigeria, El Salvador and Puerto Rico. With the increasing need in the world to U-Fuel’s products, the development of U-Fuel is increasingly speeding up. Many big international petroleum companies such as Shell, Esso and BP and many famous Express companies such as Fedex, UPS and DHL have chosen and installed U-Fuel Portable Fuel Stations. In the airports, ports and coast lines of U.S.A, you can see the applications of U-Fuel Portable Station anywhere. For the time being, there have been thousands of U-Fuel Portable Stations in the world to service the customers.

Beijing U-Fuel is the headquarters of U-Fuel Group. Rongcheng Shidao U-Fuel is the production base of the Group. U-Fuel is entering the Chinese market by the three main products—Aboveground double wall fire and explosion resistant tank, Underground tank and Portable Fuel Station. U-Fuel has gained the great trust by the high quality products.

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